Our company is a family and is active in the field of concrete since 1985. Founder of the Lambros Kotsis began with the transfer ready-mixed concrete, then with concrete pumps and then with the Line pumps where it continues till today. His knowledge follows Aris Athanasiadis.

Η Εταιρία

The machines took part in our bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis” in Rio – Antirrio. Our long experience and a skilled staff and our partners contribute to comprehensive overview of the work and of our partnership with the concrete companies.
In our proposals also included links to some excellent and reliable workshops for spreading industrial floors, of printed, insulation, filling rooms with cement mortar; Lightweight concrete or Reinforced concrete. In the field of abstraction we can meet with the best possible way to any requirement of the customer. Which contribute the special machines and our long experience.

When a conventional pump may not be used and the access can only be done with pipes, our Line pumps meets our demand for the needs for pumping. With networks from 30 to 100 meters covering distances difficult terrain and places not accessible. The fast and flexible assembly of tubes with the keys, together with the minimum space requirements required by the pump, it gives us the flexibility to be a quick and ready for pumping use.

Products daily pumping: gravel concrete C16/20, C20/25,C25/30 and C30/37. Lightweight, Reinforced concrete and mortar comes from the ready-mixed concrete companies covering all the specific requirements of the building.