Σκυροδέτηση for rooftop. For rooftop
Σκυροδέτηση road with authorization may λεωφορίου car and abundant flow. This rooftop surface 110tm had 5 solar and chimneys of the fireplaces. The network has enabled due to the lack of boom which is the conventional press and thus avoided the damage.. We pay attention to detail ... shims under the mesh and nylon at handrails for protection from the air and for vehicles Unique leadership in σκυροδέτηση ... Special budgetary support ¨saucer to prevent damage during the operation. Give attention to detail in rain channel not visible as shown and top photos.

Difficult access.
Σκυροδέτηση length 75m with 30m difference in height and length 45m. Mailed solution in the rear walls of the building and the surrounding environment by non-other access.

Σκυροδέτηση Industrial Floor.
Σκυροδέτηση industrial floor in pre-built home in the fairground.

Σκυροδέτηση for restoration.
Σκυροδέτηση for restoration Agilia concrete building with the company Lafarge.